La Maison des Femmes is a center located in Saint-Denis, France, which welcomes all women who are vulnerable to or victims of violence.

Missions & Actions: 

One in three women worldwide have already been a victim of violence

In France, a woman dies every three days at the hands of her partner

40% of cases of domestic violence will begin during the first pregnancy

7% of women will be victims of rape in their lifetime

86% of rape or attempted rape are perpetrated by relatives

720 million girls are victims of early marriages

Almost 130 million women have been victims of female genital mutilation

€3.6 billion per year: that's the cost of violence against women in terms of social welfare, care and production capacity

Confronted with these disturbing figures, we wanted to create a concrete and pragmatic response. Inaugurated in June 2016, located at the entrance of the Centre Hospitalier Delafontaine, The Women's Home (La Maison des Femmes) welcomes all women who are vulnerable to or victims of violence. With direct and open access from the street, it remains a confidential and secure environment.

From contraception to abortion, to FGM care, to rape or other forms of physicial and mental abuse — within the family context or another — our teams offer the latest and most appropriate care. A wide network of partners and various associations allow us to guide the patients according to their needs while caring for their journey.

We Give Collab and Marie Laffont are collaborating together for La Maison des Femmes to support the donation by gifting a pair of shoes.