Marie Laffont’s background in fine art and haute couture is clearly exemplified in her brand, inspired by contemporary art, and the unique dichotomy of French glamour and British Rock, with each shoe named after an artist Laffont admires. 

These chic yet sturdy shoes are made from exceptionally soft, and finest quality leather & suede

Marrying elegance with an exciting artistic vision, Marie Laffont has created a unique style full of art-girl power made for the independent woman. The intellectual. The mom. The business woman. And few and far women in between.

There is an array of different designs transporting the wearer both physically and metaphorically, into Laffont’s world. 

A world where the classic, practical, and yet original nature of these shoes collide, to prove yet again that art can and should be wearable. 


Paris, Cassis, it didn’t matter where, or what, the occasion; the bateau was the shoe.

A shoe I rarely saw my parents without, and it became so that my sister and I were wearing them often as well. 

They were comfortable, and familiar.

They were the smell of croissants and ice cream, and -

they were the shoe of the summer: 

Scents of wet leather after a long day sailing, and the squeaking of wet leather while walking down the port. 

And, the blue stains that would remain on the skin of my feet until the next day, discolored from the pigmented leather. 

Thus I created the Bateau. An encapsulation of memories from the South of France and Paris, now envisioned in the SS22 collection.

: a tangible tether to my childhood.


Handmade in Italy - providing a product of the highest quality materials while supporting craftmanship in a time of high consumption and globalization. 

100% recyclable boxes made out of recycled paper

80% recycled fabric / materials

SS22 is based on pre-orders embracing a production model based on client demand to be able to reduce waste.