Marie Laffont’s background in fine art and haute couture is clearly exemplified in her brand; inspired by contemporary art, and the unique dichotomy of French glamour and British Rock, merged with a modern edge.

These chic yet sturdy shoes are made from exceptionally soft, and finest quality leather & suede materials.

Marrying elegance with an exciting artistic vision, Marie Laffont has created a unique style full of art-girl power made for : 

The intellectual. The mom. The business woman. And the vibrant, fast-paced women who live many lives within their own. 

Our art-inspired shoes transport the wearer both physically and metaphorically, into the ML world - A world where the classic, practical, and yet original nature of these shoes collide, to prove yet again that art can and should be wearable. 

Shoes made, and hand-made in Italy by artisans using age-old techniques, rooted in regionally specific traditions. 

The shoes demonstrate unique craftsmanship to support one-of-a-kind pieces in a world of homogenized mass production. 

Highest quality materials and distinctly experienced tradesmen from the industry, taking extraordinary pride in supporting artistry

100% recycled packaging 


A utopic sketch of an alternate history set in 'no time'.

The FALL / WINTER 23 collection explored the intersection of art and fashion with the use of AI

The newly emerging technology allowed a ‘virtual photoshoot,’ born from inspiration of old New York architecture met with modernity, in a slightly dystopian winter storm.

All models, and settings are AI generated likenesses.